28 Jul 2012

Copenhagen Crafted No. 1: The Coffee Collective

The art and science of coffee; a morning spent roasting with The Coffee Collective

With Copenhagen still riding a wave of praise for its gastronomic scene, it is only natural that the city is host to one of the world's best micro coffee roasters.  I had the pleasure of spending a morning with the lovely folks at Coffee Collective to capture the art and science of their craft of roasting. At their beautiful new Godthåbsvej location, Jacob took the time to show some features of their sharp new hardware and process of getting a perfect roast.

There are lots of variables at play and the many subtleties of the roasting process. Where a roaster like Coffee Collective differs from a large scale roaster is that they are meticulous about detail and ensure that every cup of coffee can be traced back to a specific set of roasting notes.

Set in a renovated factory building, the cafe and back offices are stunning:

Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej Roastery and Coffee Shop
Godthåbsvej 34b, Frederiksberg, Denmark

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