19 Feb 2012

Analog Saturday

Inpired last week by a friend's suggestion of hosting a Winyl Party (Wine + Vinyl), we pulled our tired old turntable out of the closet to see if it would still whirl. This Saturday's weather was rather unhospitable, so we decided it would be best spent cozy indoors, rediscovering old music and magazines.

Some selected hits from our finds at our local record shop, Accord:

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Make me Smile

Dusty Springfield, Son of a Preacher Man

12 Feb 2012

Watched the dying day blushing in the sky

Encountered on a walk around Hellerup as the sun was fading.

Title from Elliott Smith - No name # 3:

11 Feb 2012

Frozen coast

Some shots from a visit to Charlottenlund beach in the frigid cold using my Nikkormat. Lately, I find myself loving soft feel of the photos it produces. Thanks go to my father for the hand-me-down camera.

Feist, The Water:

7 Feb 2012

Castles in the snow

Our neighbourhood after our first real snowfall this year.

Twin Shadow: Castles in the Snow

3 Feb 2012

Effigy of home

A quiet Friday digging through old music and forgotten photos from home.

Andrew Bird, Effigy