29 Jan 2012

A white winter hymnal

A few photos from Tora and I exploring the impressive Bispebjerg Cemetery after a weekend snowfall.

Fleet Foxes, White Winter Hymnal

28 Jan 2012

Music: Hospitality - something old, but new

Brooklyn based Hospitality, is releasing their long awaited album this week after winning hearts with these home recorded wonders, Argonauts and Betty Wang.
Betty Wang:


Pretty, pretty please come visit us in Copenhagen on your tour...

22 Jan 2012

One Sunday, some time ago

Today, just some forgotten analog photos from an autumn stroll around Christiasnhavn during which I discovered...

...an impressive collaboration between nature and architecture.

...a very cool vintage kid's bike (which I would have been proud to own when I was five).

...some urban gardening.

...the grafittied entrance of one of my regular music venues.

...good coffee at one of my favorite haunts.

21 Jan 2012

Escapism: India - part 3

On to Kochi and Ernakulam, the bustling capital of Kerala. Kochi was a small port city with a unique mix of colonial architecture, busy with spice and grain trade.

20 Jan 2012

15 Jan 2012

Escapism: India - part 2

Kerala was a nice change of pace after starting our travels with the fluid chaos of Delhi. We managed to find some beautiful beaches frequented by locals (and wildlife) rather than tourists....

..and learned a bit about Kerala's unique cultural and political history

..explored some of the bustling villages

...and hopped on and off trains, starting in Trivandrumpuram and heading north along the Malabar coast.

Escapism: India - part 1

The view from the back seat of a rickshaw (or 'Tuk Tuk') seems like a dream to me know. Our holiday adventure to India was an all around spectacular trip, with its share of both challenges and rewards.

I will spread out my photos over a few posts this week, starting with Delhi. Despite all of the advice and tales friends of mine shared about visits to Delhi, I had a refreshing culture shock from my first step outside of the airport arrival hall.

The fluid chaos of the streets.

The ever present haze which adds a dramatic touch to all photos.

The infamous street-food. And valuable advice from a local that we should only visit the busy ones for the freshest food.

And then on to Kerala on the south west coast where relaxation begins.....

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