15 Jan 2012

Escapism: India - part 1

The view from the back seat of a rickshaw (or 'Tuk Tuk') seems like a dream to me know. Our holiday adventure to India was an all around spectacular trip, with its share of both challenges and rewards.

I will spread out my photos over a few posts this week, starting with Delhi. Despite all of the advice and tales friends of mine shared about visits to Delhi, I had a refreshing culture shock from my first step outside of the airport arrival hall.

The fluid chaos of the streets.

The ever present haze which adds a dramatic touch to all photos.

The infamous street-food. And valuable advice from a local that we should only visit the busy ones for the freshest food.

And then on to Kerala on the south west coast where relaxation begins.....

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  1. The new site looks great - well done :) As for the pictures, wow!