10 Aug 2011

A day on the water

Today, just a few shots from a day on the water in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Halifax still holds a place in my heart as it was my first real move away from home. I think Halifax is still somewhat 'undiscovered' but everyone that visits seems to fall in love with the city. I think Tora captures the essence of Halifax life here.

7 Aug 2011

Secret islands

More photos from summer holidays. An excursion to a 'secret' island on the Bras D'Or Lakes. It was a bit more of a secret location when I was a kid, but it seems more people have discovered it now.

Cottage life in Canada

Beautiful scenery, good food and friends. Some photos from our summer holidays in Nova Scotia. Shot with my father's analog Nikon.

5 Aug 2011

Starting fresh

After taking a prolonged break from another photo project (Heart with Companion aka Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker) with my dear girlfriend, I decided to start fresh on a new platform.

How would I describe the theme? Perhaps it will evolve, but for the time being I am feeling like keeping a visual diary of our lo-fi life in Copenhagen and travels abroad.

Thanks for all of the great feedback on Heart with Companion and I'm sure Tora and I will be doing some photo swapping between projects :)

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