23 Mar 2012

Music for a Friday

Widowspeak, Gun Shy

22 Mar 2012

About town

19 Mar 2012

Escapism: Hareskoven (The Hare Forest)

One of our favorite places for a convenient escape to nature is Hareskoven (translates, the Hare Forest), just north of Copenhagen.

18 Mar 2012

Inside the barn

What we been up to lately....slowing down life down after a busy winter, spending our time visiting family in Sweden, exploring nature and poking around Copenhagen. I had a backlog of films which I finally got around to developing, so I will try to share lots over the coming weeks.
And, we will be soon escaping to a small village on the west coast of Italy for a very deserved, very long weekend.

17 Mar 2012

Lonely lonely

An abandoned summerhouse in Småland, Sweden. We always take a peek in this house when visiting Tora's father. Even though I don't know why it has been abandoned, it feels so lonely and mysterious.

Feist, Lonely Lonely

2 Mar 2012

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