22 Apr 2012

18 Apr 2012

Random analogs


A mix of orphaned photos that needed a place for posting.


Oresund horizons.

A favourite organic grocer.
Din Baghave, Tullinsgade 10, 1618 Copenhagen V

L'Education Nationale,
Larsbjørnsstræde 12  1454 København K

9 Apr 2012

Edulis: Malbec Vinoteria

As seen from my windowsill one evening at Malbec Vinoteria.

Malbec Vinoteria, Birkegade 2, 2200 Copenhagen N

4 Apr 2012

Once upon a Saturday

 The morning started with a coffee while catching up on the week's news.

Then exploring a new neighbourhood.

Meeting some friends for a climb up a tower.

Vor Frelsers Kirke, Christianshavn

Ending with a spectacular view over Copenhagen.