5 Dec 2011

Bits and bobs

As I am waiting to develop a bunch of rolls of film from the last few months, I thought I would show some random photos from autumn that didn't seem to fit in anywhere else....a little mix of everything.

Exploring Tivoli.

Foraging with Venus.

Exploring Sunday markets.

Finding cozy shops in cute backhouses.

We are heading off on an adventure to India next week andvery much looking forward to some sunshine and relaxation.


  1. beautiful photos!and you can´t say no to tivoli,can you?;)

    India?how exciting!

    I wish you both a lot of fun et bon voyage:)

  2. The one of Venus in the woods is my favourite :) You must tell me, where, oh where are these markets?! Have a wonderful trip - I hope you're taking your film camera! x

  3. Thanks so much! And you can never so no to Tivoli :) It is especialy amazing now with it's Christmas lights.

  4. Hi Jessica! Thanks and we are counting down the days until India. This market is on Ravnsborggade in Nørrebro on Sundays; lots of antiques. I think you would like it!